The Heart Chart
I created The Heart Chart in my music classroom in
1997 when I was searching for a clear, effective,
child-friendly way to explain beat and rhythm to my
elementary students.  It began as a piece of poster
board with 16 removeable cardboard hearts.  I used
it so much with all ages of students, it kept wearing
out and I was continually repairing it or making a new
one out of poster board.

Finally I experimented with making one out of sheet
metal, foam, and magnets, showed it to my friends,
and they loved it!  They urged me to make it
available to all music teachers.... and so I did.  I
began selling the Heart Chart through West Music,
and it took off like crazy!  I couldn't keep up with
the orders.  After two years I admitted to myself
and to my friends at West that I could not continue
to make large quantities of Heart Charts!  At that
time I became the only seller of the Heart Chart,
and I stopped all advertising.  Since then I have sold
hundreds of Heart Charts to teachers who heard
about it from other teachers.

The Heart Chart is a 17" by 18" piece of finished
galvanized sheet metal, with vinyl graphics of 16
rests.  The 16 foam hearts represent the "beat" and
there are variations of the hearts that represent
eighth notes and sixteenth notes.  Children of all
ages learn right away how to play rhythms using the
hearts and rests.  The Heart Chart comes with a
collection of traditional notation pieces representing
quarters, eighths, sixteenths, whole notes, half
notes, and dotted half notes, and going from the
hearts to traditional notation happens easily.  All of
the pieces are made of durable foam and have
magnets attached.

The lesson plan book is full of ideas for taking your
children from reading the hearts to reading
traditional notation.  Teachers who use the Heart
Chart daily have invented their own amazing games to
go with it.  Once you use a Heart Chart to teach
rhythm, you won't want to teach without it!  
Heart Chart with the book and all of the
manipulatives costs $84 plus $12 shipping.
If you
need replacement parts or an extra metal board,
email me for prices.  Customized Heart Charts are
Z&Z Publications - the only source for
The Heart Chart 2.0 for SMART

Now in SMART Notebook format for SMART Board (TM)
interactive white board,
The Heart Chart 2.0 comes alive
electronically!  This disc comes with all the same features as its
predecessor, plus much more.  Over 25 rhythm activities included
for $41.95.  From icons to traditional notation, practice activities
and assessments, this has it all!

Made for SMARTBoard.  May not work on other interactive white
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Heart Chart 2.0 SMART Board